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Sobre mí

I am a pastor, a family guy, a husband, and a non-traditional Christian, trying to imitate Jesús from my imperfect humanity


I am a passionate of justice and of the community experience in equality frameworks, far from the destructive tentacles of the empire and control of the great over the poor.


From an experience embodied in the community where I live and serve for more than 22 years, Fraijanes, Alajuela, Costa Rica; Generating a non-traditional ecclesiastical practice, as a church that lives and generates to serve those most in need without the proselytizing means of interest.


Relentless dreamer for seeing his King and Lord crowned in each area that reflects the effects of injustice, discrimination, poverty, inequality, control, authoritarianism among much more.


I am a facilitator of conferences, talks, workshops in various countries. I provide advice to ecclesiastical organizations that seek to emerge in community experiences of how to be and make the church.


I hope that my contributions to this blog would be a blessing and help for your pilgrimage in this village called earth. That the published resources contribute so that you can be an agent of change wherever you are.


Something very important to me is that every time that you read an article or watch a video, comment on your observations, thoughts and suggest topics that you would like to be covered in this blog, these inputs will be very useful for its purposes.


If you consider it important to contact me, you can do with an email that I will personally respond to you as soon as possible and together create the answers to the concerns.

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